29 August 2007

Senseo Pods

I think the Senseo coffee machine is a great product. It is easy to use, it is convenient, and the coffee tastes OK. It is the perfect coffee machine for those that like a good coffee but are not willing to purchase an espresso machine or pay a hefty price for a Starbucks. The success of the product, in my opinion, is because of its convenience. Just open the lid, place a pod, and press a button.

Now, I read in Wired that a pod maker is available. You can use ground coffee and make a pods at home for your Senseo.

This product is targeted to two types of customers. The first group are high end customers that want to use their special coffee (e.g. organic, fair trade, Java, roasted at home) in their Senseo machine. The second group are those low end customers that want to avoid paying 0.20 euro for each pod.

But the first group of coffee connoisseurs is unlikely to be using a Senseo machine, and the second group is unlikely to fork 40 euros for the pod maker. Further, this product does not appeal to the Senseo customer, who need coffee convenience at home. Therefore, it is hard to say how successful this product is going to be. I am trying to imagine the customer that needs this product and wants to have one, but I can´t. And yet, I wish the coffee lovers at Perfect Pod the best of luck. Besides, who reads this blog anyway?

Am I going to buy a Senseo pod maker? Well, my new Nespresso machine is waiting for me in its box. After years of using a Senseo machine and advicing friends to get one, I have decided to pay more for better coffee. If a Nespresso capsule maker ever reaches the market, I may be able to give it a try.